Guide to Our Orchestra

Royal Opera House

Guide to Our Orchestra is a web-experience which allows a user to watch an exclusive rehearsal of Rossini’s Guillaume Tell Overture, from an entirely new perspective. Users are presented with a 360° view of the orchestra pit as well as the opportunity to click hotspots to jump to one of 18 different camera views focussing on specific musicians. The website’s sliding split screen format allows users to have complete control of the camera feeds which remain in synch with one another. In this way users are given a context for a musician’s location and function in the orchestra as a whole.

31 GoPro cameras were used to film the experience, strapped to the musicians heads, instruments and even the conductors chest. Audio was captured through a binaural microphone rig at the front of the pit. The experience also featured an exclusive introduction from Antonio Pappano, the Musical Director of the ROH, again filmed in 360°.

The experience allows users to learn about the different roles that the musicians play in the orchestra and how they work together, with the up-close and personal footage giving a rare insight into virtuosity of the performers. However, it also gives an audience a chance to see the musicians in a more relaxed setting, away from formal black concert dress.

I was responsible for the designing the website and user experience, as well as developing the sub identity for the experience a bold step away from ROH’s regular palette.

‘We’ve put GoPros on the instruments, on players’ heads, on myself. It puts you in the director’s chair. You’ll be able to see close up and in detail the virtuosic ability of each of these incredible musicians.’

Antonio Pappano

Work produced at Play Nicely.