Wellcome & Epic Games


Seed is a game which allows a player to breed and grow procedural plant life in VR.

Influenced by ‘garage biotech’ from the early 1900s, players are encouraged to grow, hack, hybridise and discover plant life with the intent of solving or in some cases intentionally causing problems based on real world scenarios. The player is  immersed into a visually stunning environment, allowing them to craft unique and beautiful plants which grow quickly before their eyes. The game systems also procedurally simulate the mendelian genetics in each plant variety.

Seed was the winner of  Developing Beyond, a $500,000 year-long development competition by Epic Games and Wellcome in which teams created new games IP using Epic’s Unreal Engine.

I was Creative Lead on Seed and was responsible for holding the creative vision for the project in addition to concept art, design, writing, UX and texture art.

Produced at All Seeing Eye.