Terminator Genisys: Threat Has Evolved

Client: Paramount Pictures

THREAT HAS EVOLVED was a worldwide touring experience commissioned to market the release of Terminator Genisys. The experience allows a user to transform into a personalised liquid metal T-1000, before their arms morphed into blades allowing them to destroy a series of on-screen targets in a siple score attack game.

Built in Unity, the system used a Kinect 2 sensor to dynamically cut out a user from the camera feed, before using the captured depth data to map a reflective chrome shader over their body.

Users were able to share a video of their transformation to Facebook, Twitter or email as well as have the option to include their recording in a worldwide aggregated Twine Social board.

The experience extensively toured the Americas, Europe, Asia and Australia in summer 2015 with over 20,000 engagements and uploads globally.

I was responsible for design and art direction on the project as well as providing production support.

Booth build/technical design and tour management by Experience 12

Work produced at Play Nicely.